Heartfulness Course - Day 10 - With Great Love

Yes. The “being” in the flow with it. The process!

Tending is such a love-filled practice. So love it as a description, too. Not making, not imposing, but supporting the conditions that give rise to growth, healing, (name it), in some small way. :seedling:

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I had a hard time with this one for some reason. It took me a few days of marinating on it to really answer honestly and from the heart.

I do my job as a mother, wife, homemaker, and homesteader with great love for sure. Those are the main hats I wear, and it’s taken time for my ‘reins’ to follow my heart in each role I play.

But now, with the help of Ram Dass, the practice of karma yoga, and some other teachings (been on a lovey Jesus trip lately🙏) , it’s become such a heartfulness joy to simply serve my family.

I think my world would be a lot bigger if I did more with the same heart posture. I’d feel more connected to this world because in some moments, I feel no connection to this plane.

Things Such as keeping up with long distance friends and family, I really just see that as another box I need to check and don’t check it because it stresses me out to be on my phone too much.

Community in general brings me anxiety sometimes and even doing these chats, I was hesitant to post anything.

I have such a doubtful heart toward myself when it comes to putting myself out there for ‘the world’ to accept and embrace.

I used to have zero thought about it when I was younger and that was my greatest joy, to meet new people and be an extroverted person.

Now, it’s stressful for me to be in community outside of the family. I’m not sure why?

But if I did it with great love like how I serve my family, then dang, my world would expand and I wouldn’t feel alone in those moments of motherly overwhelm. Even though, I know I’m not alone but still, we all have those moments when we feel as though we are.

Many thanks for allowing this space for us all to gather and connect :sparkling_heart::pray::sparkling_heart:


I will definitely have to contemplate on this insight further. Cultivating love and compassion, heartfulness, openness, is not obvious. The language around these practices can get a bit archaic, obtuse, and even distant. As my practice of the dharma grows over the years, I find many of these practices to be less mysterious and more readily apparent/ available. I certainly need to build upon previous ‘success’, harnessing those insights and ‘rewards’ to diversity and growth the practice. Reminiscent the simile of the second arrow, it is clear that actions taken out of love are done selflessly and without the psycho/cultural baggage and resistance that can often occur when the ego is involved.

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It’s easy to do things for my kids and grandkids with great love but self-love or rather self awareness, and knowing that I need a rudder in my current storm, is what brought me here. Ram Das reminds me that all I need to do is repeat Ram, Ram, Ram with the intention of love and YES, I am back in my body on solid ground. And flying around the Universe lol. I hate housework but again, it’s part of our willingness to share a pleasant abode if only for a little while. So I put on some music and clean :broom:


If I could bring the fulness of my being whilst road-tripping (driving, humming, singing or listening to my playlists) or the fulness I feel during teaching, writing or inspiring others to the times I get triggered or do stuff I don’t really like (accountancy, cleaning, be around snobs or unfriendly people… funny, I try to find things I don’t like, but there’s not so much in my life of it and this make me realize woooow, what an insight - thank you for this question - I’m so blessed) …

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