60-Second Ram Dass Reset: Ocean of Awareness

Stress is such a hindrance to our lives these days, isn’t it? In the face of the often overwhelming turmoil we face within our individual lives and collectively as a planet, I find it more important than ever to take moments throughout the day to re-set my nervous system.

I’d like to share a quick 60-second meditation with Ram Dass to help you reset and recalibrate your relationship to your body and to your everyday thoughts.

Ram Dass says, “If I can’t stop thinking, maybe I can just let my thoughts go by without getting all caught up in them. Feel the breeze on your face or your neck? See how it’s going by? You’re not all hung up with it. You don’t have to see where each breeze goes. You don’t have to look quickly to see if it hit those trees over there. It’s breezes, and they’re just going by. Make your thoughts like those breezes, those little breezes…just going by.”