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RD’s words relative to Getting Trapped in Psychodelics are insightful and directionally very good. This a real trap.

I wonder, however, whether they also can serve as a tool much like physical or other practices to enable us to expand at times. The quote of Yahja at the beginning of the article “Paradise is the prison of the sage as the world is the prisoner of the believer.” implies to me that the danger is in the anchoring of our ‘zen’ to them. (My apologies for potentially misused terminology.)

I have not finished reading all of RD’s recorded thoughts yet, so I do not know if he has addressed this (though, I suspect he has and would appreciate if someone would direct me there). The danger in my personal experience seems not to be in anchoring, but in what I call the Bonfire. That is, the doorways that are opened at these times are SO vast and the insights so immense that there is danger in being completely consumed, or rather absorbed.

Does anyone else experience the ‘Bonfire’?
What happens if you enter the ‘Bonfire’?
Is the ‘Bonfire’ what RD and other describe when they refer to the deepest or most complete connections made in meditations?