Appreciation and Gratitude

I just wanted to share how much the course has meant to me personally and how grateful I am for what I learned through the material and especially the meetings. The sense of presence and love in the community opened my heart more than I could have ever expected. I also found strength in sharing rather than just sitting all the way in the back row and observing as I’ve done my whole life.

I was initially nervous about the whole thing, being active in the discourse and especially my first Thursday Practicum because I was not aware or prepared for any of it but mostly nervous for the breakout groups, showing my face and sharing my heart and soul directly with complete strangers. What I found was that it was not as scary as I made it out to be, which has a lot to do with what I’ve experienced in my life.

Ive learned a lot and found that there truly are other souls out there on various levels of the path, all with the same goal: to get free and assist as many other souls as possible to freedom.

Before this course I was feeling extremely limited and isolated by my life situation and the area in which I live being generally very narrow-minded. Now, I just want more! I had to leave the meeting yesterday before it’s completion but I did hear the same feeling echoed by everyone who shared in person or through the chat: there was something indescribably… magic about the whole thing and we all agree that it felt like there was more work to do together as a group, specifically the group in this course.

Clearly RD and Maharaj-ji have conspired to get all of us together and hungering for more of their darshan together as a community. I love you all and also wish to continue learning and growing together and yet, am not attached to our specific ‘graduating class’.

RD said eventually, along this path of love and devotion, you will literally fall in love with everyone you pass on the street (or meet on the internet!) and you can’t collect them all. So here I am, in absolutely blissful love with you all and letting you go all the same.

namaste to Us.