Cool Meditation Experiences

With the upcoming Heartfulness Course starting, I was trying different ways to open and expand my heart during meditation. I thought it would be great to hear other’s experiences with mediation in general, and related to opening the heart.

My morning mediation is typically following the breath and continually coming back to it as my monkey mind creates stories. But this morning I tried something different. I wanted to see if I could expand my heart and feel compassion and love for all beings. I try different things with this same Idea and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t…as it is, right?

So this morning I created a love blanket. I wanted a visual because it seems to help my mind settle. I started with this love blanket around myself, feeling the weight, cradling me, absorbing the weight and thinking/feeling love. The feeling part didn’t come right away, but eventually I did feel self love. Then I expanded out to my family members, then friends, placing the blanket around them, making the blanket bigger and bigger. Then I put the blanket on a person that I don’t have a lot of respect for he’ll remain nameless (remembering when Ram Dass said that on his puja table there was a photo of Caspar Weinberger…lol). Then an amazing experience happen, focusing on the blanket around this person and absorbing love into them, I felt lighter and brighter. A bright light surrounded and it felt like pure awareness…all of the blanket, etc. was gone and it was just a restful experience in this light…amazing. This state remained until my alarm went off and I came back into my surroundings.

Do you ever try different practices in meditation, any unique experiences? Would love to hear and learn…thank you :pray: :pray: :pray: :heart:


My most recent metta meditation practice began with me and expanded to include others. This brought the emotive experience beyond where I am usually ‘living’, helping me realize and encounter more expansive states to build upon. Something I have yet to revisit or reinforce with much habit, but hope to do so within this course.


Thanks for sharing Travis…I’m looking forward to this course also! :pray:

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I love this.
Most of my meditations start by justing “be-ing” - listening to the birds and wind, watching the cardinals and squirrels. Then I close my eyes and do something similar - invite in a counsel of people who shine their loving awareness onto me.
Then I join that loving awareness by falling into the vibration of a mantra.
Then I try to send this blessing out to folks at the end.

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Thank you for sharing Jacquelyn, I can’t really do mantras that early in the morning…don’t want to wake my partner up, do you know if they can be recited internally with the same vibrations? I guess it really doesn’t matter, it all is divine…I was just curious of your thoughts? :pray: :green_heart: