📖 Day 9 Cookbook Discussion Prompt - SATSANG (Community)

Welcome to day 9 of our Cookbook for a Sacred Life virtual course!

Today our topic is Satsang, or “Spiritual Community.”

Ramakrishna points out that when a tree is very small we protect it by surrounding it with a fence so that animals do not step on it. Later when the tree is bigger it no longer needs the fence. Then it can give shelter to many.

The Buddha said of the three gems – the teacher, the teachings, and the community – the community (Satsang) is the most important. Hanging out with others on a spiritual path can help us remember the truth when we forget - something that happens to ALL of us from time to time.

In spiritual community, we are part of a collective consciousness which is hopefully aimed at a similar thing - awakening to the truth of “how it all is”. So that when we get caught by the illusions of our mind - the fear, doubt, anger, and shame that binds us to the small self - hopefully someone will consciously or unconsciously do or say something that turns us gently back to the light of the soul. Then we begin to remember the truth of “who we really are”.

QUESTION: This forum is a kind of spiritual community. Tell us some ways you both give and receive to spiritual community. Why are both aspects important?

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The Sangha is critical to my practice.

I am grateful to everyone in this group for sharing their experiences, practices, insights, and suggestions. I see my role is to listen, practice, test, share, and integrate what I have learned. To be both an effective student and practitioner of the dharma.

I dug up an infographic that sorta of represents how I view my practice. Investigating phenomena with the mind. The mind is with us everywhere we go. Integrating the teaching and feedback/support from the sangha. Hopefully becoming wiser and more compassionate in the process.


The satsang is very important to me as it supports, and encourages my own practice. A large part of my practice is on my own, reading, studying, pondering, chanting, trying out new ideas and theories and different tools to use from the toolbox. And yet I also find it so comforting to hear others perspectives, and their own views and practices that may be either similar or quite different to my own. The satsang allows us to check in with ourselves and others and see how we are doing on the path. Similar to tuning an instrument, I like hearing what other parts of the orchestra are up to, and thinking on all this stuff, and then that allows me to fine tune my own way as well. We are ultimately all part of this larger musical tapestry or mosaic. It encourages me because you can see we are all doing the best we can. At times in years past I have felt like I am too busy to do practice, then the cycle of getting upset with myself about that. The satsang counteracts that, and the group supports, props up, boosts and inspires me to dig deeper, try again, and ultimately it proves we are not alone in this. The fun thing about this course and satsang in general is we are doing this together.

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Sanga is the most important thing for me, yet the first thing that falls away when I am ill as I have been over the past week. Perhaps my body knows what it cannot handle as it does take a lot of energy to engage with others.

I am playing catch up as slowly as necessary since I am operating at about 60%. Much appreciation for this course and everyone contributing to it.


Satsang spiritual community has helped me through so many life’s challenges. As well as in this path.

For instance, i started to read The Bhagavad Gita. Found it fascinating however somewhat confusing. Then I found a course that breaks it down {still not fully clear) . Now I found this course in which chews it down even deeper. Ram Das my buddy has my back. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Contribution often presents itself through sharing experiences either from what the mind has captured from many spiritual teachings or this life’s journey . Witnessing the experiences of Story telling has been the most EXCITING way to contribute back to people …. Either quoting a teaching or giving a scenario to SHIFT their prospective in a situation, or to expand their possibilities or to lead them to a moment of clarity.

And sometimes being SILENT is the best option.:shushing_face:

We are in it together… :palms_up_together:t3:



If I am being really honest, I sometimes find it difficult to be in Oklahoma on this spiritual path. I find it difficult to share or talk about it with others. It all feels like such a delicate flower - I am just starting to form my own belief system, trek my own path, trying on different spiritual shoes so to speak…so I don’t really want to hear other people’s opinions on it just yet. But more than anything, this feels like a me problem and I am likely projecting my own fears about how others perceive this way of life. I will say that on the rare occasion I have opened up about it, the person was incredibly kind and intrigued by what I had to say. So, I am grateful to be in space with others also on this path, surrounded by those who know the trials, triumphs, and tribulations that are a part of the path. I appreciate the honesty and insights. Many blessings to you all!


haha yes. sometime silence is truly the best teacher <3

Relatable. Answer our own questions and another person’s questions (who may not be able to relate, may not even be interested in the dharma) involves quite a bit of work. Being able to organically investigate the different views and sides of dharma practice takes time, and begins with oneself. Sharing a few principles of happiness, compassion, and ethics seems a good starter.

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For me, being in Community helps to stay focused, to stick with my intentions. It’s also helpful to interact with others who are exploring the same concept, in this case- to read about other’s takes and perspectives often provides greater understanding. Participating in this forum also requires me to put my thoughts into words and sentences, which is a deeper process than just reflecting internally. :pray: