Favorite Podcast on BHNN (aside from Ram Dass)

What’s your favorite podcast on the Be Here Now Network? Are there any particular teachers or episodes that you find yourself gravitating to a lot?

Personally, I love our whole family of teachers, but I really love when Nina Rao comes on the Guest Podcast! Here’s one of my favorite episodes:

Nina Rao – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 75 – The Untold Story of Sita with Dena Merriam and Mirabai Starr


I am really enjoying listening to Dr. Robert Svoboda. He has an extraordinary background in knowledge about Ayurveda, Astrology, Indian philosophy and much more! I really enjoyed him talking about Krishna in this podcast

There are so many to choose from!!

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Great podcast choice with Nina, Mirabai and Dena. The BHNN Guest podcasts are so wonderful to listen to :100:

This network is filled with jewels! Getting turned on to so many worlds :pray:
Anything Joseph Goldstein talks about is gold!!! He’s a technician and artist for sure


Jack Kornfield’s Heart Wisdom podcast is great. He always has stories that seem so perfectly fitting, and he’s humorous like Ram Dass, at times. He has a really gentle demeanor that appeals to me.

Krishna Das’s Pilgrim Heart podcast is straight to the point, direct, but heartfelt and warm, and very helpful for me. He weaves his life story and experiences into it. He was the main person that got me into chanting.

And Dale Borglum’s/Ram Dev’s Healing At the Edge, over the years hearing Ram Dass talk about hospice and end of life care led me to dig into this topic deeper. Dale and his organization The Living Dying Project and this podcast really get into the nitty gritty of how to be present, dealing with suffering and pain, and the idea of conscious dying. It’s altered how I view death and dying.

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We have the same favorites Zac. Another personal favorite is Joseph Goldstein’s Insight Hour. The series tends to follow a more structured approach to understanding Buddhism and meditation.


I agree there are so many jewels :gem:


That is so wonderful to hear that Krishna Das was the main person you said, who got you into chanting. I like his Hanging Out in the Heart Space chats he does on Thursday nights.

RamDev’s Healing At the Edge is also a podcast i absolutely love! He also does Thursday updates on his Instagram that I like to follow.
He did a live stream back in 2020 and i asked him a question online and even though it wasn’t face to face, his answer to my question was so personable.

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Sorry, I may have multiple replies on this. I am a newbie to the community and haven’t got the hang of the replying yet. I just wanted to thank you JR. This was just the message I needed today. I appreciate you listing it as one of your favorites, now it is one of mine too.

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I usually choose one randomly and then the next or previous one plays…lol. I found the two on Trungpa quite interesting. Those older lectures where babies are crying are quite sweet, and then later Ram Dass says, “when the babies cry he’s done” lol. I’m so grateful for the library of podcasts, just keeps all of the practice so fresh and moving… :pray:

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