Heartfulness Course - 1st Thursday Practicum

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What was helpful from the practicum? What questions arose? What else would you like to learn?


I missed it! I had a work-thing and couldn’t break away. I’m looking forward to hearing about it from others! Please share, friends!

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I remembered I’m not a uniquely flawed individual but a human being and I don’t need to take my flaws - and myself - seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I enjoyed the shares on the body - being in the body, with sensations, instead of in the mind, with perceptions, thoughts, emotions, thoughts about the emotions, blah blah blah. I would like to learn a somatic practice.


Thanks for sharing this. It is helpful. Body-focused attention instead of riding the thought-train to nowhere (or worse).


I really appreciated that there was a recording of the introduction and the meditation and the baptism and writing exercises! Thank you Jackie. The Baptism reminds me of the baby naming ceremonies at Agape which include some similar language. Coming from Judaism I was not familiar with baptism language so I attributed it all to Agape. (Agape International Spiritual Center I am a licensed Spiritual Practitioner). - and I always cried during those ceremonies for very similar reason as what you were getting at here - I felt the gift of this seeing of each child as unique and perfect and the parents as basically serving that uniqueness rather than trying to impose on the child what they should be or needed them to be. My own writing on it seems a bit simplistic and yet so true that I would be more trusting more courageous more resilient less afraid more self loving but also more open with others less jealous and judging. Because if I were truly raised in that energy of that baptism. - I would know I Wass valued and loved as I am. Rather than inheriting the idea that I was too much… or not enough… as so many of us came up believing. I think too that is why for a long time live streaming agape services I would cry at the welcome because basically Rev Michael welcomes the new people in the same way as the baptism - where he says welcome to Agape - we see who you really are - the image and likeness of God - love beauty and intelligence - we appreciate you - we thank god for you… all along those lines! So again I wept because I was hearing those words really for the first time. A kind of rebirthing. Though I do know that it still takes much effort for me to overcome that programming. Because I have internalized that negative voice and as you called it the deficiency model so deeply. So thank you for this. I am grateful to be here with all of you. I hesitated to join late and because I cant attend every Monday … yet I already feel so grateful and I still have the week’s worth of Ram Dass clips to go through! I also love that meditation…Resting in Love. And I just love the whole Loving awareness meditation and simplicity of that mantra I am loving awareness… that is itself a purification and a remembrance.


I reorganised my schedule so I could be at the practicum and I’m so glad I did that. It seems to me, at the moment anyway, that I want to trust in the process. I listen to the teachings and usually experience a sense of ‘Ah’. Coming together, listening to you bring the teachings together in a way that I feel recognises today’s world that we live in, is immensely helpful.
For me right now, any and all ways of helping the teachings stay with me as I move through my day is what I’m looking for.
Practise! I guess!

I would love to hear as much as possible about how people did this at the start of their journey back to loving awareness, and how they continue to maintain that presence in the face of an incredibly demanding ego!

Thanks for a lovely practicum.

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I loved the baptism ceremony. I have innately felt that truth and beauty of such a blessing.

I also love the little shmoos practice of inviting them in for tea. I have been working with this for a few years now, thanks to Ram Dass.

I struggle with the think less, love more.
Discerning how to recognize feeling of hurt and self righteousness and then:
Set boundaries/ not set boundaries?
Forgive yet not forget?
Have tea with other peoples shmoos?

I do find it helpful to reflect and work with Ram Dass’s cloud and the picture frame practice. It definitely helps to make space and not feel so attached to my feelings.
Yet often, I still can be unclear as to what action to take and when to not take action.
But at least it feels better to get it all some space!

Thank the Goddess, Ram Dass, Maharaji and for all of you, the Satsang.

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Ah yes!! I so often forget that sometimes I’m talking to other people’s shmoos too! To invite them into tea. (and also to know what “circle of intimacy” is safe for any given person - i.e. boundaries.)

Thank you so much for this share.