Heartfulness Course - 2nd Thursday Practicum

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What was helpful from the practicum? What questions arose? What else would you like to learn?


I really like the Praise God meditation, I’ve been listening and singing a lot since yesterday. It definitely opens my heart and takes me out of my mind.


In our break-out group we came upon the topic of love and discipline and how the two relate. When we were talking about the exercise of introducing love into a problem area and seeing how that would change things, I was wondering if love needs to include radical acceptance and tolerance. An example given was a parent whose young child is running into the street: obviously the parent can love their child, understand the behavior, but when it comes to acting there is absolutely no room for tolerance. Now, that’s a life-and-death situation so you can’t just go applying that principle evenly to every area of your life, but especially for those holding leadership or managerial positions - does inviting love to the problems that come about in those situations mean letting go of being firm when the situation requires it? Love can be fierce as well as gentle, no? I am naturally pretty gentle so when it comes to parsing firmness from anger or egotism it’s all pretty strange territory to me.

I guess to get closer to the heart of the question I’ll ask, when turning toward a problem with love, should one still have the desire to change or “fix” behavior? Or do things tend to turn out better when you let that go?


Oh such a good question. I love the child running into the street example. I guess each situation requires the question “what would love do here?” I don’t think the same thing applies in each instance. Such a great discussion topic.

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