Heartfulness Course - Day 22 - Sharing

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Think of something that causes you suffering. Maybe it is a loss, or a fear, or a habitual deficiency mode - a broken heart, the fear of the future, or a kind of hunger. Now for moment, imagine it is not personal to you. That you are not holding this measure of pain alone, but just a piece of it. Imagine the whole world is breathing with you, transmuting this painful experience together.

How might this visualization change your relationship to suffering? And to other people?

Can you imagine that everyone is caring their measure of joy and pain too, even if you can’t see it? Does it help to be “in it together”?

Share your thoughts here.


For me, this idea that helps inform, shape, and guide our practice…resonates with Tibetan teachings around two people with ignorant views fighting together. Who is right? Who caused what? Is anyone to blame?

Or - two people with loving compassion that are able to work through ignorance and misunderstandings. To heal. Grow together. Strengthen their practice.

Which view/approach to living/practice is happier? Right? Is there a difference? A spiritual answer would indicate these are closely aligned.

Understanding how ignorance obscures right thought, right action, right livelihood (eightfold path in Buddhism) helps ‘illuminate’ causes and conditions. Potentially, responding more mindfully, thoughtfully, compassionately, and wisely. Being it in all together can be a helpful view when considered within this larger wiser spiritual context. It involves a heavy ‘cognitive load’ to incorporate this into my contemplative practice, particularly within conflict. But it’s worth the effort.


Such a beautiful visualization… Only the thought allready makes a world of a difference. It immediately opens the door to the spaciousness and warmth of the heart.

And I just want to share how much I love this course. How amazingly beautiful and open hearted all teachers are, and you Jackie, you do an amazingly job holding the space and coming up with so much creativity to bring this course alive. I cannot be there tomorrow, but I already regret. Have a good time all. Love you!


Thank you Irene for being a part of it and for your reflection and kind words. We will miss you tomorrow but hope to see you at our regular Fellowship calls after the course. Sign up at Fellowship • Ram Dass. Much love!!

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I need to spend some time doing this visualization, because I usually feel isolated in this measure of pain. Since my main pain is loneliness/feeling isolated, it might help to lessen that. I certainly know everyone is carrying their measure of suffering but I forget it.


Hmm… my immediate thought goes to the reaction with my father. He wasn’t present in my life until now, some 25 years later. The whole thing cause so much suffering yet relief simultaneously.

This visualization helps me to lean more into the relieving side of it all. Like we all are waiting for our father to come home and he finally does after a long trip.

It makes all this seem less ‘big’ because now it’s being held by a much larger collective than just my own being.

I pray I can hold onto this as the relation moves forward🙏