Heartfulness Course - Day 26 - Hope

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Have this week’s (and past week’s) teachings given you more leverage and/or hope around the state of the world? Is it possible to even be hopeful? If so, how? If not, what might inspire you? Is having hope helpful?

Some scholars say to create change, we have to:

  • Acknowledge the current circumstance as it is.
  • Ground ourselves in the energy of gratitude.
  • Be able to visualize the change we would like to see.
  • Then work toward that change with trust, even in the face of setbacks.
  • Or as Ram Dass would say, "We work to end suffering, without attachment to whether suffering ends.

We invite you to this practice today.

  • Write down “the state of the world” as you see it.
  • Write out a gratitude list - make it long.
  • Grounded in that energy, write down your idealized vision for the future. Distill it into a sentence or two.
  • Determine a step or two you can take to create that future.

Inspire us with your distilled vision and an action step or two!


First of all, I am very grateful for this course and everyone involved in giving and receiving it.

My vision is to keep with this, for as Ram Das identified at some point for himself, what else is there to do❤️

I am up this morning doing daily practice and prayer, then off to what the days brings with more openness, kindness and good vibes, which seems like a good plan to me.

Thanks again!!

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