Heartfulness Course - Day 27 - Second to Last Day

Access the Course: The Yoga of Heartfulness 4-Week Course • Ram Dass

Woot Woot! You are just one day away from completing this course! Congratulations!!!

Today, take out a journal and write down things that landed in your heart and life over the last few weeks. What have you learned? What has inspired you? What in your life may have shifted in subtle or small ways?

Now, take a look at your original intentions. See how they compare.

Share some of your insights here…


Landings in my heart:

  • The ocean of awareness is so vast it contains all form and arisings

  • The perfect being (Buddha for me) has a direct flow of love to my heart center

  • The heart can lead the way throughout a normal day, creating the unexpected goodness

  • Keep remembering and remembering and remembering love and openness

Special gratitude to all on this path of heartfulness…you are inspiring :green_heart: :pray: :green_heart:

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