Heartfulness Course - Week 3 Check in

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How are you doing? Today is a good day to go back and revisit your intentions? Have they changed? Are they being met? What support do you need?


I am really enjoying the community aspect and the daily prompts. It’s making this course feel like a true curriculum where I feel accountable not only to myself, but to the teachers, the class, the lessons.

I feel lighter, in the literal way. This has been lightening the load and I just feel like I’m slowly putting down the weight I’ve been carrying. :sparkling_heart: thank you, thank you.


Did the Mediation with the Guru practice this morning. Honestly, it was a tough go to stay with it, but after i did it, feeling the current of the importance of practice. My ego is a bit disappointed in this enlightenment :joy:, less sexy than I once imagined, yet lovely to be sure


In awe, in wonder of the richness and the wisdom, and how blessed we are with the footprints of those who’ve gone before us. I find I am able to cultivate perspective, the witness, more readily with the kind of loving encouragement we’re receiving. HUGE GRATITUDE! :pray:


Beautifully said. I too have been finding these teaching landing in an ineffable way. My moments of awe transform into gratitude and blossom into praise. And yes, we are so blessed by the footsteps of those who have gone before us as Krishna Das said. This course serves to strengthen our intuitive knowing as we practice together and on our own. If I do not practice everyday, I notice how everything becomes very sticky and contracting. My practice allows me the Grace of Space. I am so grateful to the the Ram Das folks for curating such a beautiful offering. Everyone who has spoken and all the teachings are a string of luminous pearls on a silken thread. A Mala!


To be honest, I had such high hopes for myself in the class but my life has been getting the best of me so I am playing catch up.

However, I am a member at a krisha house and I’m going to be starting a training course about embracing inclusiveness for everyone through Bhakti yoga. We are starting to form a lovely group of people that are embracing the truth of yoga love.

This is also my accountability to out forth the deserved effort this course deserves. Ironically almost everyone that is into Bhakti yoga, that I know locally, started because their heard Ram Dass somehow. There are many times I think he’d be proud of the unconditional love were sprouting in our little corner of this world.



[Tips for practice - Self-CompassionBackdraft

I’m a little behind everyone else it seems, but I think this is a phenomenon I have encountered many times and just now able to put a name to it. “Backdraft” is something I’m experiencing right now actually and it’s quite painful, I had some moments of amazing clarity and compassion for myself and then boom I’m hit with this… anguish … an agonizing grief… and it’s quite literally taken my breath away. I know the pendulum must swing both ways but after the meditative moments I’ve had earlier in the week I guess I was hoping they’d last a little longer and the pain wouldn’t be nearly as intense as it once was. Is anyone else having this similar experience?


I would love to know this too.
I wonder if there is a natural contraction after expansion?


I truly believe that it’s about not getting attached (or addicted to) the peak experiences we have. Because we are going to come down. It’s so natural and so human. When it happens to me, that I feel like I have contracted, at least with practice I have come to be aware of it. Yup, hello, here it is. And in continuing to practise, I know that the contraction will also have its time and then, at some point, an expansiveness comes to flow again. :pray:


I’m having to do self pacing too , so I’m there with you, if you don’t mind sharing the link the the training I’d love to know more about that practice and community as well. I feel we are all very interconnected. I actually found out about this group and class via Rick Hansons Sanghas so I think we all benefit from the sharing of practices and each others community


Right! I think it takes some ripening to know this.