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Featuring Ram Dev (Dale Borglum), Raghu Markus & Jacquelyn Dobrinska

Learn the qualities that comprise Heartfulness and how it can bring more well-being and happiness into your world.


Heartfulness is a way of life. One that is both in tune with the bliss of the soul and lovingly mindful of the predicament of our humanity.

The power of Heartfulness lies in its ability to tap into the unconditional love that exists in each of us, a love that is the essence of our inner being. This love is not so much an active emotion as a state of being, force, or energy accessible and available at any time. It’s not the romantic and often painful type of love we are habituated to, which come with conditions such as “I love you” for this or that reason or “I love you if you love me.” Instead, it is love for no reason, love without an object.

When we tap into this kind of Heartfulness, the quality and texture of life begin to change. We live with more compassion. We find greater ease and gentleness around suffering. We feel more connected, joyful, peaceful, and allowing. And we live in greater harmony with our own purpose without plowing into others along the way.

Ram Dass actively worked on himself to live in this heart space. For 50 years, he experimented with psychotherapy, psychedelics, and spirituality to find a way to consistently tap into this force of love and space of Heartfulness. By doing so, he changed a culture.

Our world needs his teachings of Heartfulness now more than ever. We need both our discerning minds as well as our loving hearts. When these two are partnered and balanced, they can lead us to a life of compassionate presence - one that recognizes the deep indwelling of unconditional love and the interconnectedness of all beings.

If you are ready to deeply and meaningfully nourish your heart and your life, join this 75 min FREE event with Ram Dass’ Love, Serve, Remember Foundation. Raghu Makus, Dale (Ram Dev) Borglum, and Jackie Dobrinska will share wisdom and practices that help you tap into the well of heartfulness, just as Ram Dass did.

In this call, you will discover:

  • The power of a naturally undefended open heart.
  • The qualities to Cultivate Compassion and Generosity of Spirit
  • Techniques for keeping your heart open and nourished even in the midst of suffering.
  • How to work with painful emotions such as anger, isolation, grief, and separation.
  • The possibility of a merged heart/mind, where the head and heart balance each other and work together.
  • How to transmute motivations and intentions that negatively impact ourselves and others,
  • The importance of easing suffering for all beings, which includes compassion for ourselves, others, and everything.

Looks absolutely amazing. I will definitely share with my network.


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Will the Journey of Awakening, Meditator’s Guidebook be of assistance during this course?

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It’s definitely helpful for this course, although not necessary. You can find all of the recommended supplemental materials and a shop discount code here: 📕 Check out the Heartfulness Shop for some useful supplements to the


We need that. Thank you for sharing

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