Meditate like Christ

In today’s introductory meeting Raghu discussed Maharaji’s teaching about “how to meditate like Christ” sharing his frustration with the Westerners’ inability to understand. In this recollection from Krishna Das it appears as if they DID understand the teaching. I’m sensing that Raghu was picking up on something that Krista Das failed to see about the nature of Christ-consciousness and it’s loving awareness which is NOT anything particular but is instead Universal, not some-thing but everything. Of course this brings up a fundamental issue for one branch of Christianity regarding soteriological matters. The question of salvation for Protestantism generally speaking rests on whether one has faith in the particular instantiation of God in Jesus Christ (a historical figure) that saves humankind through his crucifixion and resurrection rather than anything more mystically understood as Maharaji intuited. As someone who understands both points, any further help on understanding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr has a great explanation of the Universal Christ. When I think of “God”, I realize I can’t even imagine the vastness, the energy, and the everlasting - I know by experience there is some power/force and I surrender my human mind and spirit and trust that I am and will always be connected. Peace and love.


I just saw an interesting video about George Harrison that I thought would be good to share – it was kind of tricky to find where to post so I hope this is a good place…

“This Is Priceless - George Harrison On What Lies Beyond The Mind”