New to meditation

I am joining late but late is better than never, as for some reason I just got the email this morning when I woke up. Life has not been to great for me, especially the last two weeks, mentally speaking. I do believe by becoming involved with his course, as I think the email came today for a reason, I can better my life and get out of this rut I am currently in. Any help or info how to incorporate this into my daily routine and get serious about meditation would most definitely help me greatly. Thanks for any feedback. I work a crazy schedule and a lot of hours, just need something to incorporate into my daily life to find meaning and purpose. Thanks again

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Everything comes to us at the perfect time! I am sorry things are tough right now. I have found that some of my greatest breakthroughs have come during a time of suffering in my life. Suffering is the energy that propels us towards awakening.

My advice for meditation would be to focus just on the breath. Through the nose is best, but takes some people a while to develop. Stick with it, your nose, sinuses and body WILL adjust. A couple of different starting points:

  1. throughout your day, just find a moment to be still, sit or stand upright, and take 3-5 deep, intentional breaths. Breath in as deeply as you can, pause, slowly exhale, pause. Takes almost no time, and is hugely beneficial.

  2. practice sitting in meditation, and just paying attention to your breath. You can think “1” for in, “2” for out. You can think “rising” and “falling” as your stomach expands and contracts. Whatever keeps you focused on the breath. Then, watch how the movie the plays out in your mind… anger from the day, anxiety for tomorrow, whatever comes up, just watch it, and try not to “feed” into it. As you get more used to this state, THEN slowly start letting these scenes go.

There are lots of other methods, but I’d keep it simple to start. Just watch what you mind does, without judgement or expecting anything.



Great suggestions Raleigh… deep breath

Thanks for getting back to me and for the advice, I appreciate it. Just a quick question, do you suggest guided meditation to begin with and if so who would you suggest.

Any meditation that you want to is great, including guided meditation. Especially at first, it can be important to choose practices and methods that agree with you most. Later, you may have the desire to work on something specific or different, but start with what you like and can stay with.

Here are some available Guided Meditations. See what resounds with you and benefits you the most. “Just Be” and “Heart Cave” are personal favorites.


Well said, Raleigh, agree with you so much! Ram Dass and these teachings do indeed find us at just the right time. Multiple of the lessons we’ve done so far just in this first week, have coincided with things that have happened in my life. Have a disagreement with someone, what better thing to practice than Karma and Bhakti Yoga and seeing the beloved everywhere. This happens so often to me, the teachings are timeless, yet so relevant to whatever is going on in my life. Great tips as well!

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I agree. Ram Dass’ teachings found me when I most needed them, and they continue to do so. Always surprising me. But I am not surprised too. If that’s makes sense. It’s amazing how it happens, and to so many of us, too.

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