📖 - On Practice

In Be Here Now the first section is called “he Brown Pages” and the back section is called “The White Pages”, which tells us a lot about practice and is the basis for some of this course. This is the “Brown Pages” take on practice, or Sadhana.

"The way you work, in doing Sādhanā, is that every act you perform becomes a method of taking you to this other state of consciousness. You are trying to change your perceptual vantage point and everything you do has to be a device to take you to that place. From a Western point of view, you are doing a complete cognitive reorganization. You are changing your reference point, changing the core concept around which the whole constellation is built.“ -Ram Dass

If you have read Be Here Now do have a favorite quote or image from “the Brown Pages”?

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My favourite part is page 66 - how I interpret that page is that we are all the guru. Neem Karoli Baba as well as Ram Das are as much us as we are them. A realized being is a being that was able to shed his or her karma in such a way that they are pure consciousness which all of us are behind our own egos.

It reaffirmed to me that we are meant to be who we are, we have a function to give colour to this world which is painted by the brush of our egos, but always remembering that we are part of the bigger whole which is the whole painting. You do not have to follow one way, Neem Karoli Baba is not in the physical anymore, neither is Ram Dass, but guru is always present within you. And they left some footprints for you to follow.


Hi I’m Laraine and looking forward to learning more about the teachings. :pray:


@Marcel_Clobus Yes! Love this

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