📖 - On Transformation

Something to remember each and every day on this 21-day journey - the paradox of practice. We are both divinely perfect and enough as we are, as well as a work in progress.

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What a potent reminder!
Makes me reflect on the balance of self improvement and self acceptance.

How can I remain in full acceptance and love with myself, while also honoring my room for growth, change, and evolution?

“We’re all just walking each other home”, and maybe that also applies to our selves? Radical self acceptance and nurturing self guidance as we grow along our own unique paths. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wisdom that leads to spiritual resilience

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My whole life I tried hard to prove myself, to please in order to be loved… what a suffering…. Now from time to time I get a glimpse, a spark of knowing I am enough without approval from outside …


For me, especially on a morning like this morning when I wake feeling tired and sad, my own being is not enough. It continues to be hard for me when I have a headache, nerve pain, emotional stress to access the part of me that is enough and is capable of reaching out, writing, doing something to connect, even if it is simply to respond to a couple of texts, come here and write this, and remember - Re - member - bring myself back together and put on a smile when it doesn’t feel real, until it starts to feel real and I am able to get up, get dressed and prepare for my favorite teacher and 45 minutes practicing, meditating, chanting with her and our small group.

Groups have helped me immensely and I may not have said here how much appreciation I have for Covid - the circumstances that brought about our desire and ability to connect across the world with another on Zoom. I have expressed my appreciation for this course (the first such course I have been in where connecting here seems somehow more real than through email, although in reality, it is the same. I will miss our weekly zoom calls as I know many of us will.

Thanks for reading, being here now, and the gift of you!