Practice the 8-Minute Ram Dass "Just Be" Meditation

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Here is an 8-minute “Just Be” meditation from Ram Dass.

The meditation is centered on noticing what you are directly experiencing in the moment, and simply letting it all just be as it is…

Listen here:

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This meditation is a great introduction to the practice of meditation, in my humble opinion :grin:I’ve taken the direction that Ram Dass provides and incorporated into a new practice I’ve recently started. Sitting in silence for 10 minutes every morning. This is my first foray into the practice, after years of Mantra, with and without Mala beads, and also guided meditations. The sitting in silence was always intimidating to me. Now I am loving it very much. Thank you for making these astounding resources available.


This was a great meditation. I heard the siren and my first thought was, well someone should’ve edited that out… lol. Then of course he brought up letting the siren just be.

It feels good, staying with what is and not judging or trying to hold on to any thought, feeling, etc. Simply just noticing and co-existing with all of it. Just this.


Okay, listened here not completely, so listened again while actually sitting still and meditating on Sound Cloud and his gongs to end the meditation led into the sound bath immersion in Gemstone Singing Bowls and 10 minutes later, I realized, “oh, this is something different!” Wonderful experience. As much as I like silent meditation, I really love meditating with a few words or a lot of sound bath! Thank you.

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Love this mediation. Great way to connect with your being!


I absolutely LOVE sound bath meditations. I usually will put on a Ram Dass meditation like this one here, or a Here and Now Podcast, and add music with the Hertz Frequencies in the background.
Here is one of my favourite YouTube channels for Hz :arrow_down:

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Thank you Brittany! I am listening to both now; usually I am careful about how much bandwidth I am using on our little hotspot modem, but right now my daughter is walking her dog. I will record some more of this music from Youtube and add it to my computer so I can listen to Ram Dass with music behind his words. Very lovely! Again, Thank you!