Ram Dass – Here and Now Bonus Episode – Ram Dass Lofi Radio

Raghu Markus, the long-time host of the Here and Now podcast, is back to introduce us to something exciting happening on Youtube – Ram Dass Lofi Radio!

Listen to classic talks from Ram Dass, set to soothing lo-fi tracks – always live, 24/7, on the Ram Dass Youtube Channel


Thank you from my heart for the sharing of these beautiful heartshaking teachings!!!

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I love listening this while I am in the car; doing menial tasks at work; walking…thank you for putting this together.

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You’re most welcome! :hugs:
I love tuning in to the YouTube Lofi and coming across those Ram Dass nuggets of wisdom! I like how the Ram Dass podcast episode is listed with his talks.
Enjoy your day in joy

Thanks Britt!!! :hugs:
I put this on while I do cleaning and recently I’ve learnt how to do macramé wall art. Its so relaxing with the music. Sometimes I find myself stopping what I am doing to take it all in. Ram Dass has such a way with wisdom.