Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 221 – Bringing Spirit Into Form

In this recording from the 1980s, Ram Dass explores the concept of merging with God, leads a visualization meditation for opening the heart, and talks about bringing spirit into form.

In this episode of Here and Now:

  • Ram Dass answers a question about how we merge with God, using Anandamayi Ma as the perfect example of love for God
  • Ram Dass leads a guided visualization meditation that serves as a technique for opening the heart and is part of Bhakti yoga
  • Ram Dass talks about accepting our responsibility as a spiritual entity for enlightening the world and how we are all conversion vehicles for bringing spirit into form

This was a peaceful healing way to spend part of this early evening - Easter Eve - so many Healing opportunities this time of year. I loved Ram Dass’s story of leaving his body to be with the “Wise Ones” in a circle, contemplating the need for his light in this multi-lit universe and thankfully, deciding he did want to rejoin us (Universal Spirit) here on Earth. The meditation reminds me of similar healing practices - so much similarity across the different traditions!

I am glad to have found this course, this community, and opportunity to hear more words from Ram Dass. I do not seek out writings, lectures, etc., unless they are offered within a container with folks like you. It is not possible to say thank you too often! Thank you. I truly do appreciate this, here, now.


Thank you Donna for sharing, listening and showing your gratitude. I also liked that story of Ram Dass leaving his body to be with the Wise Ones. It makes me think a lot about reincarnation and traveling to the higher plants
We are also so glad you could join this community together for the 21 Day Cookbook Course.