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Welcome to Ram Dass’ Yoga of Heartfulness Course! In these four weeks we will learn to open our hearts and love the unloveable!

We are so glad you are here!

**For those of you who have not yet signed up for the course, please go to The Yoga of Heartfulness 4-Week Course • Ram Dass. The Yoga of Heartfulness 4-Week Course • Ram Dass

The course will begin on May 15, 2023. Until then, and during all four weeks together, this forum is a space to come together and connect as a community. A place to share your inspirations, curiosities, questions, desires, and so much more. It’s a space to build Satsang - the sacred community with hearts and minds pointed toward truth, which was Ram Dass’ wish for the future.

To get started:
Press the REPLY button and take a moment to introduce yourself. Where are you from? How did you first hear about Ram Dass?

Then share one hope or intention you have for your time in this course? I.e. What you hope to leave with. (After all, never underestimate the power of intention!)

Whether you are brand new to the path or have been practicing for decades, in this course you will dive into teachings that help us gain agency over our life in a world that often seems overwhelming, isolating, polarized and apathetic. You will follow in Ram Dass’ footsteps by learning how to revive your heart and, in the process, help to germinate goodness in the hearts of others. Not in a "phony holy” or “spiritual bypassing” way, but by authentically embracing your humanity while simultaneously tapping into the abiding space of loving awareness that is your true nature.

Please come back and visit this forum regularly throughout our time together. It can be a potent tool for deepening into the teachings and practices. And it is an exciting way to both share and learn from each other. Do not underestimate the power of community either.

Remember, this is the place to:

  • Share your inspirations from each week’s lectures.
  • Ask questions about material or practices.

  • Meet others in the course and foster community.

  • And build a strong container and active conversation.

We look forward to seeing you here often!

P.S. - Not yet signed up for the course? Click here to join: The Yoga of Heartfulness 4-Week Course • Ram Dass


My names Pam Bee. I recently completed the “Sacred Cookbook” course here, and really enjoyed the process and the introduction to this community. When this course appeared in my email, I was delighted to embark on this journey together. I have found the opportunity to be a part of a community of like-minded souls a really important component to my life. The support and connection is priceless. I have lived without it for a very long time, and it was exacerbated by COVID. Now emerging from the isolation I feel myself a tender budlet reaching toward the sun. Learning to open my heart in Love and shed the fear that has kept me closed off, I feel is why I am here, I feel it is my Lifes’ work. Thank you to all of you at LSR, and to Ram Dass for providing this beautiful opportunity. :pray:


aloha everyone
my name is Hanuman das and I live in Honolulu
I have been so fortunate to attend many OYHIP retreats since 2009
They were absolutely life changing ~ and they truly lived up to the name
During the course of each retreat my heart opened more and more to the point where I really did Love everyone. It was that experience that kept me coming back year after year.
I reluctantly signed up for this course, not sure I really wanted to devote my time to the readings, recordings etc, but I love hanging out with all the beings who will be facilitating, so joining them was an easy decision. My intention is to continue my efforts to become more and more like Hanuman and to open my heart wide and keep it open as much as I can. I am looking forward to meeting all the class participants. Jai SiyaRam


Just starting on a complete mindfulness journey and trying to learn as many skills as possible. I went through a mental health spiral that took me down quite a bit and I’m trying to regain my balance and find my footing again. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here and be surrounded by like minded souls traversing the landscape of this time together.


Looking forward to starting this course and being in community. Have been on a very deep journey for a few years, trying to navigate big life changes, and finding how to serve in the world. I have come to the understanding that I struggle with my close relationships because my heart is often guarded and closed. I would like to move into full open heartedness. The title ‘Learning to love the unlovable’ touched me…


Hey there friends! My name is Tayler. I’m replying for the middle of Idaho and this will be my first official Ram Dass course and I’m very excited! I first learned of Ram Dass, maybe when I was around 19 or 20. I didn’t give him much thought then, but it’s crazy how deeply his teachings have helped me now in my 30th year.
My intention with this course is hopefully to be able to hold onto the ‘heartfulness’ , even in the midst of children’s tantrums or conflicts with family. I hope to leave with a deeper and more gracious heart posture, for myself and my family.


Hey all!
My name is Nick and I’m near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

My buddy Paul told me about Ram Dass. I didn’t look into Ram Dass until about a year and a half later when he passed away.

This is my first course like this so my intention is to just immerse my full self in it with a completely open mind.


Children tantrums at bed time is probably my biggest trigger to make sure I meditate before bed time :joy:


Namaste. Thank you, LSRF, for this opportunity to deepen my practice.

I have completed previous courses, including the most recent Cookbook course. They are always profound.

The community around these courses is incredible, and I love having this forum to connect. Especially as my children’s bedtimes, here in the U.K., make attending the online meetings a little tricky.

I am feeling really in-tune to the idea of community, and how it shouldn’t be underestimated.

I think any powers that be that may try to divide and conquer can leave us feeling so separate. When we are anything but.

My practice helps me to remember.

So to be here is like an anchor to me.

Om, shanti.

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Hi! I am Carina. I love Ram Dass teachings, though I am quite new to him. ”I am loving awareness” has helped me tremendously in so many ways remembering who I am and who others are too. This course feels just like the natural continuation to that. My intention with it is to fully invite, trust and open up to intimacy with new relations as I start over in life having after that kind of trust broken.


Namaste to all. My name is Tushar Kinger. I am based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. I was born in India and spent 25 years of my life there before migrating to the US. My intention from this course is to explore the inherent kindness and acceptance that we are born with as a kid and that in my case I lost as I was molded into the shape of our social structure. Ram Dass’ teachings resonate with me since the day I started listening to him, I am looking forward to being part of this exploration with all of you.

Om shanti


Hi everyone! My name is Joe and I’m from the UK (which might make attending the live Dharma talks a little tricky - 1am in this time zone! - although I’ll be able to make the Thursday community meetups).

Although I have been aware of Ram Dass and his teachings for the last three years, this is my first course with the LSRF and - now that I think of it - the first spiritual course I have participated in ever. I am very grateful to the LSRF for providing a scholarship to allow me to deepen my practice.

I am currently in a time of transition; a time when I feel like my life has many open paths ahead of it (quite the privilege). My motivation and intention for this course is to follow my heart towards the path of Right Livelihood; the path that will contribute the most to humanity and reduce suffering. My hope is that with greater heartfulness, the right path will become clear.

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I am Rajat from New Delhi, India. I heard about Ram Dass while reading about Neem Karoli Baba few years ago. I have been chanting/singing along with Krishna Dass for a while before I heard about Ram Dass. After knowing of Ram Dass I started listening his lectures and teachings as well.

With this course I hope to leave with a more loving and less judgemental mindset. I hope to become more compassionate, more emotionally intelligent and more accepting of differences.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Katherine and I live in Rhode Island USA.
I have followed Krishna Das for decades, but discovered and fell in love with Ram Dass and Maharaji about 7 years ago, just about when Be Here Now Network started.
My partner and I live on a small farmstead and have served as ambassadors for the Ram Dass Fellowships since Jan 2022.
My intention of participating in this workshop is to revive my Heart, spend time with community walking the same path exploring such Sacred terrain and to be able to better serve our local Satsang.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Kyla and I’m a native New Yorker now based in (sometimes) sunny LA.

Ram Dass really began showing up strongly in my life about a year and a half ago and has already had unbelievable impact on my life. There is something that happens viscerally to me when I watch or hear him speak - my nervous system regulates, I feel at home, I feel aligned with truth.

I’m coming out of a time of a lot of personal struggle and am currently in a time of transition and uncertainty in my life. Ram Dass continues to help me stay open and trusting throughout it all and I am so looking forward to what this course has to show me.

My intention is to surrender to my heart, to reengage with its wisdom, and to remember how to “love everything”, as Ram Dass would say.



Hey y’all Zack here

Sending y’all love and looking forward to being in the same space as y’all

May all beings be free :pray:


Hello everyone, my name is Manohar Venkataraman and I am from Raleigh, Nc. I think I was reading a book called ‘Eat, pray and live’ and somehow got connected to ram dass. Since then I am a follower.

Looking at the sufferings due to mass shootings and other crimes, I feel LOVE and KINDNESS needs to be cultivated so my mind remains calm and the heart remains peaceful.

Need to move to the spiritual loving heart and face any situation peacefully.

RAMANA Maharishi said that LOVE is the actual form of GOD


Hi All! My name is Chelsea. I live in Austin, Tx. I’m really excited to be part of this course. I’ve been feeling very disconnected from many things lately. My intention for this is to remember my connection.

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Hi there I am Ellie in Toronto
I am so looking forward to this course. Ram Dass and his teaching have forever changed me and have made me transcend a sense of fear that trapped me for decades. I am just beginning to really comprehend how truly incredible the possibilities are when we can see everything through the lense of loving awareness.

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Hi, I am Cindy from Calgary, I am here to be in touch with others who are on this path as we have found ourselves to be . I have been a seeker forever and will be seeking until forever and I wish to grow and shed some junk that does not fit along the way.

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