The Power of Meditation - Fellowship Livestream with Sharon Salzberg

Sharon is such a wealth of grounded wisdom and inspiration. I absolutely love her approach to meditation and our own practice. Check it out and share your inspirations, curiosities, and insights below.


What I especially like about this episode is your warm and electrifying conversation. Sharon’s energy is very immersive and I can imagine her being an amazing meditation teacher. I got to know to her through you @Jacquelyn_LSRF, and will follow up with more of her work.


This was an incredible Live Stream @Jacquelyn_LSRF did with Sharon. Sharon has a new book out called Real Life: The Journey from Isolation to Openness & Freedom. She just had a Podcast come out today which is a special extended excerpt of the Real Life Audiobook!
Check it out, I think you would like listening to it
Enjoy in Joy